Battery Chargers

Ready to start your car or motorcycle only to find the battery is flat. There are many reasons why a battery can become flat such as extreme weather hot or cold or leaving lights on

Take back control by purchasing a battery charger which can get you back on the road in no time. Battery chargers are not only good at charging flat batteries they can also be used to maintain batteries when not in use so when you are ready to use your car or motorcycle they will be ready to go at maximum performance

There maybe ocassions where you need a quick burst of power to get your vehicle running in a hurry, why not look at our range of jump start booster packs which can be used to start your vehicle within seconds

If your battery constantly goes flat this may indicate a more serious electrical fault which would need to be looked at by a qualified auto electrician

Most battery problems can be resolved by simply charging and maintaining the battery

Some of our chargers feature

  • 8 Stage fully automated charging cycle
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Desulphation, runs a complete cycle within a second
  • Cold mode which provides safe charging in winter temperatures
  • Dual charging mode for smaller or larger batteries
  • Pulse Maintenance Charge for maximum battery life