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There are various types of motorcycle battery, these range from conventional 6 volt and 12 volt, YTX range, Yumicron, Yumicron CX and the YTZ range - all of these batteries have very specific characteristics which are designed to meet the different requirements of various motorcycle models, further details are shown below. The battery selector above will enable you to find the correct battery by entering your bike make and model

High performance Maintenance free
This range offers the highest power output with all of the features of a Standard Maintenance Free, PLUS Increased Power of Up to 30% more cranking amps thanks to a radial grid design and additional plates

Maintenance free
Sealed for life Spill-proof design means virtually no possibility of leaks with advanced lead-calcium technology pumps up starting power. This range also boasts being sulphation retardant which dramatically reduces battery-killing plate sulphation. Combine these features with extreme resistance to vibration makes this battery range last up to three times longer than conventional batteries. See our Yuasa motorcycle battery upgrade chart

This range is designed personal watercraft, snowmobiles and ATVs. The high-tech, power-boosting design also makes YuMicron ideal for accessory-laden touring bikes and modified vehicles.

Coventional 6 volt
Standard for motorcycles, snowmobiles and ride-on mowers. Made to withstand vibration. The construction delivers maximum power while the unique sealed posts resist corrosion for a longer battery life

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Yuasa Motorcycle Batteries