Car Battery Reset Service Coventry

Do you need to reset car computer after replacing the battery?

Car battery reset / registration / validation service offered at Coventry. If you have an AGM or EFB or AFB battery fitted to your vehicle (most modern vehicles from 2014 onwards are fitted with this type of battery) you must only replace these types of batteries with an exact equivalent technology type with same capacity and rating, if you fit a standard flooded battery your start stop system may not function correctly causing the battery to fail prematurely.

The use of Battery Management Systems (BMS) is common on most modern vehicles. These systems monitor the battery throughout its life to maintain optimum charge efficiency and operation of the Start-Stop system.

On vehicles fitted with a Battery Management System BMS it is essential to reprogram the system via the on-board diagnostics (EOBD) port to validate that a new battery has been fitted.

Failure to register / validate the new battery replacement will result in:
  • System faults and in-vehicle error messages
  • Loss of the Start-Stop functionality
  • Possible loss of non-critical vehicle system functions
  • Significantly reduced battery life

If you have fitted a new battery and require the new battery to be registered / validated on the vehicle Battery Management Systems (BMS) we can offer this service at our Coventry branch

Hardwarexpress offer this service which costs £15 which includes VAT

This is a while you wait service, contact us here if you wish to book your vehicle for a battery reset / registration (for new batteries only)

Please note your vehicle must be booked in prior to arrival - BOOK HEREStart stop Battery Reset Service