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  • 054 Car Battery YBX5054 12V 40Ah 360A Yuasa 054
  • 019 Car Battery YBX5019 12V 100Ah 900A Yuasa Replaces HSB019
  • Yuasa YBX5053 Car Battery 12V 50Ah 450A Replaces HSB053
  • Yuasa YBX5110 Car Battery 12V 85Ah 800A Replaces HSB110
  • 019 Car Battery YBX3019 12V 95Ah 850A Yuasa Replaces HB019
  • 075 Car Battery YBX5075 12V 60Ah 640A Yuasa Replaces HSB075
  • 096 Car Battery YBX5096 12V 80Ah 740A Yuasa Replaces HSB096
  • 005 Car Battery YBX5005 12V 65Ah 580A Yuasa Replaces HSB005
  • 027 Car Battery YBX5027 12V 65Ah 640A Yuasa Replaces HSB027
  • Yuasa YBX5057 Car Battery 12V 50Ah 450A Replaces HSB057
  • Yuasa YBX5012 Car Battery 12V 54Ah 500A Replaces HSB012
  • Yuasa YBX3030 Car Battery 12V 72Ah 630A Type 030
  • 014 Car Battery YBX3014 12V 60Ah 500A Yuasa
  • 027 Car Battery YBX3027 12V 62Ah 550A Yuasa Replaces HB013
  • Yuasa YBX9096 AGM Start Stop Plus Battery 12v 70Ah 096AGM
  • 038 Car Battery Yuasa YBX1038 - Replaces HB038
  • 110 Car Battery YBX3110 12V 80Ah 760A Yuasa
  • 017 Car Battery YBX3017 12V 90Ah 800A Yuasa
  • 100 Car Battery YBX5100 12V 75Ah 710A Yuasa Replaces HSB010
  • 078 Car Battery YBX3078 12V 62Ah 550A Yuasa
  • 335 Car Battery YBX3335 12V 95Ah 720A Yuasa
  • 031 Car Battery YBX3031 12V 72Ah 630A Yuasa
  • 096 Car Battery YBX3096 12V 76Ah 680A Yuasa Replaces HB096
  • 075 Car Battery YBX3075 12V 60Ah 550A Yuasa