Yuasa FXH Front Terminal

Collection: Yuasa FXH Front Terminal

Specially designed for applications requiring high rate discharge,such as UPS, Telecoms and Emergency lighting
supplying up to 50% more power for short durations when compared to conventional NP range, these FXH batteries are ideal for power demanding applications

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  • Yuasa FXH200-12IFR Battery
  • Yuasa FXH90-12IFR Battery
  • Yuasa FXH190-12IFR Battery
  • Yuasa FXH185-12IFR Battery
  • Yuasa FXH155-12IFR Battery
  • Yuasa FXH140-12IFR Battery
  • Yuasa FXH100-12IFR Battery
  • Yuasa FXH45-12IFR Battery