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Range of batteries are ideal for standby and light cyclic applications including, Fire and security systems
Starting from 1.2Ah up to 200Ah all fully sealed VRLA AGM technology

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  • Yucel Y7-12 Battery 12v 7Ah
  • Yucel Y2.1-12 Battery
  • Yucel Y2.8-12 Battery
  • Yucel Y9-12 Battery 12v 9Ah
  • Yucel 12v 9Ah Battery
  • Yucel Y1.2-12 Battery
  • Yucel Y3.2-12 Battery
  • Yucel Y2.3-12 Battery
  • Yucel Y4-12 Battery
  • Yucel Y10-6 Battery
  • 3FM12 Battery 6V 12Ah Direct Replacement Equivalent
  • Yucel Y4-6 Battery
  • Yucel Y5-12L Battery
  • 6v 12Ah VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Yucel Y12-12 Battery
  • Yucel Y17-12i Battery
  • Yucel Y3.2-6 Battery
  • FG11202 Fiamm Direct Replacement Equivalent
  • Yucel Y2.9-12 Battery
  • Yucel Y24-12i Battery