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One of the most comprehensive OEM Battery replacement range available online within the UK
We supply the highest quality brands such as CSB, Yuasa and Powervolt which restores your UPS backup to original performance are one of the largest UPS Battery Distributors within the UK, currently offering a wide range of batteries for all major manufacturers. All our batteries are OEM of the highest quality which are fitted by most UPS Manufacturers in both new equipment and also replacement battery cartridges as standard. All logos are registered trade marks of the respective owners which are used for reference purposes only. All kits are supplied with safety installation guides and prefit cables where shown.

Once you have selected and installed UPS batteries, it's important to perform regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Monitor the battery status, conduct routine checks, and replace batteries as needed to prevent unexpected failures during an outage.

By choosing the right UPS batteries for your home or business, you can safeguard your devices and operations against the risks of power outages. Prioritize quality, capacity, and runtime to ensure that your UPS system can effectively provide backup power when you need it most.

We supply the entire range of battery replacement for the following manufacturers AEG, APC, Belkin, Best Power, Compaq, Conext, Dell, Eaton, Emerson / Liebert, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Kebo Power, MGE, Mustek, Powerware, Tripp Lite, Trust and Unitek

When it comes to ensuring uninterrupted power supply for critical systems, UPS batteries play a crucial role. These batteries are designed to provide backup power in case of outages, ensuring that essential equipment remains operational. Let's delve into the significance of UPS batteries in power backup solutions. UPS batteries serve as a reliable power source during power outages, preventing downtime and data loss. With a UPS system in place, businesses can continue their operations seamlessly without any disruptions.

Protection from Voltage Fluctuations UPS batteries also protect equipment from voltage fluctuations, ensuring a stable power supply. This is especially important for sensitive electronic devices that can be damaged by sudden spikes or drops in voltage. Extended Runtime UPS batteries provide extended runtime during power outages, allowing users to safely shut down systems or continue working until power is restored. This added time can be crucial in preventing data loss or damage to equipment.

Regular Maintenance It is essential to perform regular maintenance on UPS batteries to ensure their optimal performance. This includes monitoring battery health, conducting capacity tests, and replacing batteries when necessary to maintain the integrity of the backup power system.

Efficient Energy Storage UPS batteries are designed to efficiently store energy and deliver it when needed, making them a reliable solution for backup power. The ability to store energy ensures that critical systems remain operational during outages, safeguarding against potential losses.

Overall, UPS batteries play a vital role in power backup solutions by providing a reliable and efficient source of backup power. By understanding their importance and ensuring proper maintenance, businesses can safeguard their operations and equipment from the impact of power outages.

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