Collection: CSB EVX EVH Range

  • CSB EVX and EVH range are designed for cyclic use - for mobility scooters, golf buggies and electric vehicles
  • This range has very deep cycling performance great for deep discharge applications

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  • EVX12200 CSB Battery 12v 20Ah
  • CSB EVH12150 Battery 12v 15Ah
  • EVX12120 F2 CSB Battery 12v 12Ah
  • EVX1272 F2 CSB Battery 12v 7.2Ah Batteries
  • EVX12170 B1B CSB Battery 12v 17Ah
  • EVX12340 CSB Battery 12v 34Ah
  • EVH12390 CSB Battery 12v 39Ah
  • EVX12260 CSB Battery 12V 26Ah
  • EVX12400 CSB Battery 12v 40Ah
  • CSB EVX12520 12V 52Ah Battery