Yuasa YPC Battery

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Designed for Golf and Mobility, Solar and wind, Renewable energy and Professional tools
Also widely used in Automatic guided vehicles, Emergency lighting and Measuring instruments

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  • YPC8-12 Yuasa Battery 12V 8Ah
  • Yuasa YPC22-12 Battery Equivalent 22Ah
  • YPC26-12 Yuasa Battery 12V 26Ah Equivalent
  • YPC33-12 Yuasa Battery 12V 33Ah Upgrade
  • YPC45-12 Yuasa Battery Equivalent
  • YPC55-12 Yuasa Battery 12V 55Ah
  • YPC75-12 Yuasa Battery Equivalent 12V 75Ah
  • YPC100-12 Yuasa Battery 12V 100Ah