How To Use Noco Boost Plus

Step 1: Charge the GB40.
The GB40 comes partially charged out of the box and needs to be fully charged prior to use. Connect the GB40 using the included USB Charge Cable to the USB IN port and the USB car charger. It can also be recharged from any USB powered port, like an AC adapter, car charger, laptop and more. The USB IN port is rated at 2.1 Amps to ensure safe and efficient charging of the internal lithium battery. Due to FCC regulations, we recommend not to charge and discharge the unit at the same time. The time to recharge a GB40 will differ based on the discharge level and the power source used. Actual results may vary due to battery conditions.

Step 2: Connect to the Battery.
Carefully read and understand the vehicle owner's manual on specific precautions and recommended methods for jump starting the vehicle. Make sure to determine the voltage and chemistry of the battery by referring to your battery owner's manual prior to using this product. The GB40 is for jump starting 12-volt lead-acid batteries only. Before connecting to the battery, verify that you have a 12-volt lead-acid battery. The GB40 is not suitable for any other type of battery. Identify the correct polarity of the battery terminals on the battery. The positive battery terminal is typically marked by these letters or symbol (POS,P,+). The negative battery terminal is typically marked by these letters or symbol (NEG,N,-). Do not make any connections to the carburetor, fuel lines, or thin, sheet metal parts. The below instructions are for a negative ground system (most common).

If your vehicle is a positive ground system (very uncommon), follow the below instructions in reverse order.
1. Connect the battery clamps to the GB40 by connecting to the 12V OUT port.
2. Connect the positive (red) HD battery clamp to the positive (POS,P,+) battery terminal.
3. Connect the negative (black) HD battery clamp to the negative (NEG,N,-) battery terminal or vehicle chassis.
4. When disconnecting, disconnect in the reverse sequence, removing the negative first (or positive first for positive ground systems).

Step 3: Jump Starting.
1. Make sure all of the vehicle's power loads (headlights, radio, air conditioning, etc.) are turned off before attempting to jump start the vehicle.
2. Press the Power Button to begin jump starting. All LEDs will flash, indicating that all LEDs are properly functioning. If you are properly connected to the battery,
the White Boost LED will illuminate. If the battery clamps are connected in reverse, the Red Error LED will illuminate. Reverse the connections to clear this error
and then the White Boost LED will illuminate. The White Boost LED is illuminated, when the GB40 is ready to jump start your vehicle.
3. Try starting the vehicle. Most vehicles will immediately start. Some vehicles may require the GB40 to be connected for up to 30 seconds before starting. If the
vehicle does not start right away, wait 20-30 seconds and try again. Do not attempt more than five (5) consecutive jump starts within a fifteen (15) minute period.
Allow the GB40 to rest for fifteen (15) minutes before attempting to jump start the vehicle again.
4. Once you have started your vehicle, disconnect the battery clamps, and remove the GB40.
Low Voltage Batteries & Manual Override.
The GB40 is designed to jump start 12-volt lead-acid batteries down to 2-volts. If your battery is below 2-volts, the Boost LED will be "Off". This is an indication that the GB40
can not detect a battery. If you need to jump start a battery below 2-volts there is a Manual Override feature, which allows you to force "On" the jump start function.

Noco Range of Boosters
The range of Noco boosters include:

GB20 - for vehicles up to 4L petrol & diesel

GB40 - for vehicles up to 3L diesel & 6L petrol

GB50 - for vehicles up to 4.5L diesel & 7L petrol

GB70 - for vehicles up to 6L diesel & 8L petrol

GB150 - for vehicles up to 7L diesel & 9L petrol

Use this mode with extreme care. this mode is for 12-volt lead-acid batteries only. both the spark proof and reverse polarity protection features are disabled. pay very close attention to the polarity of the battery before using this mode. do not allow the positive and negative battery clamps to touch or connect to each other as the product will generate sparks. this mode uses very high current (up to 1000 amps) that can cause sparks and high heat if not used properly. if you are unsure about using this mode, do not attempt and seek professional help.