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There are different types of car batteries depending on if your vehicle has stop start technology which requires an AGM battery or for vehicles which do not have start stop functionality there are either 12 volt or 6 volt batteries available. Below is a brief overview at the different types.

YBX9000 AGM Range
200% increased cyclic durability compared to conventional automotive batteries with approximately 360,000 starts with (Absorbed Glass Mat) construction with no free acid. This type of battery features Double lid (Leak/spill proof)

YBX5000 High Performance SMF Range
This range has up to 35% increase in cranking power on conventional automotive batteries with approximately 50,000 starts, features include Calcium/Calcium plates State of Charge Indicator (SOCI) OE Quality, Performance & Specification

YBX3000 SMF Range
YBX3000 range has 20% increase in cranking power over conventional batteries with approximately 30,000 starts reduces water loss by up to 30%, VDA roll over test compliant with Integrated carrying handle & flame arrestor

YBX1000 SMF Range
YBX1000 CaCa Batteries with approximately 20,000 starts, features remote flame arrestor, OE Quality, Performance & Specification and Integrated carrying handle*

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Car Batteries