Car Batteries

Yuasa car batteries offer the most comprehensive range of car battery available on the market today. The range starts with the YBX1000 series with Calcium/Calcium plates which provide Approximately 20,000 starts. The next type in the range are the YBX3000 series which offer approximately 30,000 starts with up to 20% increase in cranking power. We then move to the silver high performance YBX5000 series with approximately 50,000 starts with up to 35% increase in cranking power, this range comes with extra warranty and state of charge Indicator (SOCI). Now the series for start/stop vehicles, the series begins with the YBX7000 series with approximately 270,000 starts and features Carbon/Lithium plate additives, this range is designed for lower specification Start/Stop vehicles. Finally we have the YBX9000 series state of the art AGM battery which provides approximately 360,000 starts much more than any other battery with Absorbed Glass Mat construction with no free acid, this range is designed for high specification Start/Stop vehicles

No matter which range of Yuasa car battery you choose you will be buying a premium battery of OE Quality, Performance & Specification. This comprehensive range is used by many leading manufacturers around the world as their battery of choice. Enter your registration above