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Global manufacturer in supplying reserve power and motive power batteries.
The range includes Hawker, Genesis, Odyssey and Powersafe SBS, EnerSys Powersafe, ABSL and more

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  • Hawker Energy 0809-0010 Cyclon 4V 5Ah Monobloc Battery
  • Enersys Hawker 0819-0010 Cyclon 4V 2.5Ah Monobloc Battery
  • Hawker Energy Cyclon 0820-0004 25Ah 2v BC cell
  • Enersys Hawker 0850-0004 Cyclon 2V 8Ah Battery
  • Enersys Hawker Cyclon 0800-0004 2v 5ah X Cell
  • Hawker Energy 0860-0004 Cyclon DT cell
  • Enersys 0810-0004 Cyclon 2V 2.5Ah D Cell Battery
  • Odyssey PC370  Battery