Motorcycle batteries have improved over the years, although you still need to be aware of cheap inferior batteries which may prematurely fail or cause electrical issues on your motorcycle. It makes good sense to purchase a good quality battery which will not let you down and could even save you money in the long term. All our high quality batteries are direct from leading manufacturers and are OE (Original Fitment) or meet and often exceed the manufacturers specifications. Our quality control procedures ensures our batteries are routinely inspected and tested to ensure the highest standards and performance, because of these very high standards we have an excellent reputation with both motorcycle clubs and dealers alike.

Our motorcycle batteries are supplied in multiple voltages 12 volt or 6 volt, these can be supplied in various formats which include AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) , or GEL (gelified electrolyte; the sulfuric acid is mixed with fumed silica) , or WET (free electrolyte in each cell which can be topped up) or the newest technology with is lithium motorcycle battery.

No matter which type you choose we always recommend a maintenance charger to keep the battery in peak condition during the winter and summer months which will help extend the lifespan of the battery

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Motorcycle Batteries