UPS Selector Calculator

Use the following UPS calculators below to determine which UPS backup will provide the correct amount of runtime availability in the event of a power outage. TIP: We always recommend adding at least 30% more runtime than you require, this allows flexibility should you wish to expand or add additional devices in the future.

There are two separate calculators APC and Eaton

How does the UPS selector work

Based on the information you provide the UPS Selector searches an extensive database of power measurements for equipment and peripherals. In addition, the UPS Selector has a database for power consumption of computer components such as processors and disk drives. This allows the UPS Selector to determine your load power requirement. The UPS Selector requests your preferences for run time, room for growth, and specific features you want. Using all of this information the UPS Selector can provide the best recommendation that best matches your requirements.

UPS Runtime Calculator