004 Car Battery YBX3004 12v 50Ah 400A Yuasa

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Type 004 YBX3004 Yuasa 12v 50Ah 400A Car Battery

  • Manufacturer: Yuasa
  • Type : 004
  • Voltage = 12 Volts
  • Battery Capacity: 50Ah
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), EN(A) = 400
  • Dimensions: Length = 202mm, Width = 173mm, Height = 225mm
  • Base Hold-down: B00 - Weight = 12.8 Kg

The Yuasa YBX3004 features leading Calcium/Calcium technology, Yuasa are the world leaders in car battery design and manufacture, its extensive range of car batteries that cover over 90% of ALL applications, including cars, commercial vehicles, marine and leisure. Yuasa's battery quality is unparalleled at affordable prices

Question: Why do you not deliver this type of battery?

Answer: Unlike sealed AGM batteries this battery type is a spillable type which can leak during transportation which is why we recommend collection of this type of battery, in order to deliver this type of battery needs to be sealed either by plugging the vent holes on either side of the battery or by vacuum seal, unfortunately this can cause pressure to build up during transportation resulting in the battery swelling (bulging) or leaking electrolyte which can cause performance issues including reducing the lifespan of the battery.

When you collect this type of battery locally in person from a retail shop the battery will not have been subject to courier transportation, this ensures factory fresh condition providing maximum lifespan/performance. AGM batteries which are sealed are not affected by transportation, this only affects spillable type batteries such as this type