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Leoch Battery is one of the worlds leading battery manufacturers
Leoch Pure Lead Xtreme Rate batteries, PLX series, are AGM Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid batteries that have been optimized for extremely high rate applications. Hardwarexpress stocks the entire range
Leoch Battery

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  • 12v 15Ah Mobility Scooter Batteries
  • 6-DZM-12 Battery
  • 12v 15Ah AGM Battery
  • 12v 15ah Battery Rechargeable VRLA
  • Leoch LP12-5.4 Battery
  • 12v 80Ah Mobility Scooter Batteries
  • 12v 75Ah Mobility Scooter Batteries
  • 6-DZM-10 Battery
  • 12v 75Ah Sealed Lead Acid VRLA Battery
  • 6-DZF-12 Battery
  • 6-DZM-14 Battery
  • 12v 85Ah Sealed Lead Acid VRLA Battery
  • 12v 80Ah Lead Acid Battery
  • 12v 70Ah Mobility Scooter Batteries
  • 12v 33Ah VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Challenger AA66 Direct Replacement Battery
  • 12v 85Ah Mobility Scooter Batteries
  • 6-DZF-14 Battery
  • Leoch LDC1214 Battery 12V 15Ah
  • Leoch DJW6-5.0 Direct Replacement Battery
  • 6v 5Ah VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Leoch Battery
  • 6v 3.2Ah VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Leoch Battery
  • 6v 7Ah VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Leoch Battery
  • 12v 100Ah Sealed Lead Acid VRLA Leoch Battery