Difference Between Yuasa and Yucel

Many people are asking so what is the difference between Yuasa and Yucel and why are they priced differently?

Yuasa launched the Yucel brand as an alternative budget brand to the Yuasa NP range of batteries, you will notice the Yucel range include all the popular Yuasa NP models such as Yuasa NP7-12, NP12-12, NP2.1-12 etc.. all these models are made in the Yucel range with the model numbers renamed from NP to Y - Example NP7-12 becomes Y7-12 and NP12-12 becomes Y12-12 and so on...

The Yucel range are still manufacturerd by Yuasa with the same warranty period, however you will notice the Yucel range are generally slightly cheaper to buy than the Yuasa branded batteries, the Yuasa branded battery prices can be found by clicking here YUASA PRICES and the Yucel prices can be found here YUCEL PRICES you can compare the cost difference between the two branded batteries

In summary you can save some money by purchasing the Yucel batteries