UPS Battery Repair Replacement Services

Coventry based company servicing the Midlands area offering same day battery exchange services for local consumerss , companies and local authorities, simply bring your battery cartridge or UPS Backup into our Coventry trade counter for same day express replacement. We have been providing these services since 2004

UPS Battery Replacement Service
Our comprehensive battery replacement services, fulfilled by trained and certified professionals, ensure your UPS operates reliably and efficiently. When done proactively, you will avoid unplanned downtime, reduce costs, and safeguard your system’s availability. UPS batteries are the heart of uninterruptible power supplies. It is the UPS battery that provides the UPS system with its power in the event of a mains power failure. Old or badly maintained UPS batteries could affect the runtime of your uninterruptible power supply resulting in either premature shutdown or worst case scenario shutting down immediately without no warning, thus not allowing a controlled shutdown of your operating system services which could result in data loss.

Battery cell replacement service
Who is this service for? This service is for Government, Councils, Hospitals, Universities including SME companies who want to have UPS Battery packs replaced with new battery cells on maintenance schedule to avoid unexpected battery failure

How does this service work?
Hardwarexpress are already one of the largest national suppliers of batteries to both public and private sectors, with our vast stock levels of batteries from the worlds leading brands such as CSB, Yuasa, Exide, Sonnenschien and many more. We can provide battery cell replacement for all types of battery cartridges from some of the largest UPS Backup manufacturers such as APC, HP, Eaton, Dell, Liebert and many more. Because we stock such large quantities of batteries our stock rotation is very fast which ensures you always receive the very latest date codes on OEM battery cells ensuring maximum battery performance. Our battery cell replacement service is performed at our Coventry facility, we swap out your old battery cells for new cells, during this process we also inspect and replace any damaged cables and connectors. Customers can send or bring in person their battery cartridges to our Coventry facility for battery cell replacement which is a very cost effective way of restoring your UPS performance back to original performance or even exceeding original performance. If you have an interest in this service complete the enquiry form detailing the battery cartridge models you require replacement cells for including the quantity required.

There is no ongoing monthly contract you simply pay for the number of cartridges requiring battery cell replacement on a per consignment basis.