Difference Between Yuasa TTZ and YTZ

Many people are asking so what is the difference between Yuasa TTZ and YTZ Motorcycle battery range? The fact is Yuasa introduced in 2009 the TTZ range which was launched as the budget option to the very expensive YTZ range, this range includes the TTZ7s, TTZ10s, TTZ12s and the TTZ14s which are designed as a direct alternative to the YTZ range.

The TTZ range have the same "CCA" (Cranking Amps) and the same "Ah" (Amps per hour) and are considerably cheaper to buy than the YTZ range, so you ask why are they cheaper?

There are 3 Main Differences to Consider
  1. Mounting Angle of the TTZ is slighly less than YTZ - SEE DIAGRAM BELOW
  2. TTZ & YTZ are internally constructed differently with different internal plate layouts
  3. YTZ are factory activated, TTZ are fresh pack which means you have to add the acid to the battery and then seal which makes them fully sealed


Difference Between Yuasa TTZ and YTZ


Price difference between Yuasa YTZ7s vs Yuasa TTZ7s
Price difference between Yuasa YTZ10s vs Yuasa TTZ10s
Price difference between Yuasa YTZ12s vs Yuasa TTZ12s
Price difference between Yuasa YTZ14s vs Yuasa TTZ14s

In conclusion do we recommend using the cheaper TTZ Range as opposed to the more expensive YTZ range, answer YES providing your mounting angle is within the figures shown above you get exactly the same performance with "CCA" (Cranking Amps) and "Ah" (Amps per hour) for a cheaper price and because the TTZ range are not supplied factory activated (Except TTZ7s) it means you will receive a fresher battery once activated