APC Back-UPS Pro 1500 Replacement Battery BR1500GI

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We supply high quality batteries which restore maximum UPS performance. You must ensure your UPS model matches exactly otherwise this battery will not fit

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APC Back-UPS Pro 1500 Replacement Battery BR1500GI

Brand New - Includes: Safety guide, Manufacturer Warranty - 1 year

  • Genuine Powervolt batteries - latest battery technology PS9
  • User-replaceable batteries - Increases backup performance
  • Batteries Qty - 2 batteries included to replace RBC124
  • Battery tray and cables not supplied batteries supplied only**
  • Please note this battery will only fit model BR1500GI (You must check your model number)
  • These are the correctly rated batteries 9Ah (high rate discharge) to restore your UPS backup to original performance

Powervolt batteries are widely used in UPS backup systems throughout the world. Supplied as batteries only which exclude cables and trays which must be re-used from your existing set. The Powervolt UPS range of batteries have been available for many years with a proven track record for quality, performance and reliability which is crucial for mission critical equipment

This product is sold as a Genuine Powervolt OEM APC Compatible product
APC & RBC are registered trade marks and are used for reference purposes only.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Crabtree
Great price, speedy delivery and batteries were almost fully charged

I'd delayed overly long in ordering the two batteries required by my APC Pro 1500 UPS so paid a little extra for next-day delivery.

The batteries did arrive on time and were almost fully charged when they arrived (a nice bonus). Price was a great deal less than APC originals and I'm hoping that they'll last just as long - seven years. We'll see.

I had changed the batteries on my other APC Pro 1500 about six months ago, so after a little bit of thinking about what I did last time (and with the help of a Stanley knife - for cutting off the sticking tape that held the original batteries and cable-assembly together - and apair of long-nose pliars for easily removing the connectors to the original batteries) was able to execute the swap with little problem.

Thought some other tips might be useful.

1/ Don't do what I stupidly tried to do at the outset - have the UPS upside down. Instead have it on its side so that the batteries slide out without fighting gravity!

2/ Change the batteries one at a time. That way it's simple to see where the cabling reconnects. To do that, I found it easier to rotate one of the original batteries through 180 degrees, which made it easier to access the connectors.

3/ Then rotate the replacement battery back through 180 degrees and then rotate the second original battery through 180 degrees, fit the second new battery and rotate that back through 180.

4/ I was struggling to get the two batteries and the cable assembly back into the case, so stuck the whole lot tighly together with a few strips of standard-width Sellotape on each side. After that no problem - the whole lot slid in easily.

5/ What I didn't do - and now think I should have - is stick on some additional tape to form handles for future battery removal.

Mr Andrew G Saunders


P bernard jupe

Excellence in every respect
- product
- price
- delivery
- customer service

Thank you

Nick Maynard

In an effort to save money when replacing the batteries for my apc bqck-ups pro1500, I decided to purchase from hardware express. They were around 50% cheaper and all I had to do was keep the battery connection from the old batteries. They arrived next day too.