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Eaton is a world leader of back-up power UPS, or uninterruptible power supply. 
The range includes line interactive, multi mode, online and standby in both rackmount and tower versions

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  • Eaton 3S 550 B UPS - Off Line UPS 3S550B - 550VA (6 BS outlets)
  • Eaton 3S 550 i UPS - Off Line UPS 3S550i - 550VA (8 IEC outlets)
  • Eaton 3S 700 B 3S Gen2 Desktop UPS (420W/700VA) 3S700B
  • Eaton 5S550iBS 5S 550 VA 330 W Tower UPS
  • Eaton 3S 850 B 3S Gen2 Desktop UPS (510W/850VA) 3S850B
  • Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe Gen 2
  • Eaton Hotswap MBP 3kVA Maintenance Bypass - MBP3KI
  • Eaton Ellipse EL1200USBIEC ECO 1200 USB IEC UPS
  • Eaton Gigabit Network Card - Network-M2
  • Eaton Ellipse ECO 1600 USB IEC UPS
  • Eaton 5S 1500i 900 Watt 1500 VA Tower UPS 5S1500IBS
  • Eaton 5P650iRBS 5P 650VA 420W Rack 1U UPS
  • Eaton 5SC1000IBS 5SC 1000VA Line Interactive UPS
  • Eaton 5SC1500iBS 5SC 1500VA 1050W UPS Tower
  • Eaton 5SC1500IRBS 5SC 1500VA 1050W Rack 2U UPS
  • Eaton 5PXEBM72RT2UG2 Gen2 72V 2U Extended Battery Module
  • Eaton 5P1550IRBS 5P 1U Rackmount UPS 1100W/1550VA
  • Eaton 5PX1500IRT2UG2BS 5PX Gen2 2U Desktop/Rackmount UPS (1500W/1500VA)
  • Eaton 9SX1500IBS 1500VA 1350W Tower UPS
  • Eaton 5PX1500IRTNG2BS 5PX Gen2 2U 1500W/1500VA UPS
  • Eaton 9PX1500IRTNBS Netpack 1500VA 1500W Rack/tower 2U UPS
  • Eaton 9PX 9PX1500RT UPS 1350 Watt 1500 VA
  • Eaton Lithium 9PX1500IRT2U-L 9PX UPS 1500 VA 1500 W
  • Eaton 5PX3000IRTNG2BS Gen2 3000VA 3000W Rack/tower 2U UPS